Another Feast to the Eye and the Palate from THE AVIARY!

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Another Feast to the Eye and the Palate from THE AVIARY!

4 Responses to “Another Feast to the Eye and the Palate from THE AVIARY!”

  1. Kayo

    Great write up Polly, I’m really glad you like the site. Just one one thing to note, you have to have the for ednitig’ checkbox ticked when you make the search. If you don’t you’ll get back more images, but they won’t have been released under a license that allows modification and the edit’ link won’t appear above them.

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    Ya think maybe S Meyer has a Pro-Life agenda or is she Pro-Choice and this was her demented idea of bait and switch? In any case, your re-caps make zomg horrifying and stupid squick readable.

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