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Zéro déchet ou presque

Zéro déchet ou presque, c’est possible. Suivez cette famille et leur solution! « Repose cette Pom’Potes tout de suite ! ». Le ton ne souffre aucune contestation, il n’y aura pas de négociations. Les allées sans fin des supermarchés, c’est le cauchemar de Bénédicte. Cette compote industrielle, qui promet des saveurs gustatives et un apport énergétique inégalés, se… Read more »

Ugly Produce Onto Tables

Getting Ugly Produce Onto Tables So It Stays Out of Trash By JENNIFER MEDINA EMERYVILLE, Calif. — The eggplants are crooked and a little long-necked, contorted enough that they would probably lose in a beauty pageant against rounder or more symmetrical aubergines. In the field where they were grown or in the supermarkets for which… Read more »

Zero-Waste Grocery Store

It’s here and it’s being claimed “The first zero-waste grocery store in the world”. A zero-waste grocery store recently opened its doors in Germany and everyone should get excited. 80% of items sold in supermarkets is wrapped in toxic packaging. In effect, Americans still produce near 3 pounds of trash every day, and this is a… Read more »

Passport to France 2015

Passport to France 2015 Passport to France is a night-long tribute to Chicago’s finest French gourmet chefs, products, wines, spirits, and entertainment. It has developed into an exclusive event including classic bistros, bakeries and cafés, contemporary haute cuisine, fusion flavors from Asia, Mediterranean or Latin influences, and creative American contemporary cuisine with French heritage and… Read more »

Chicago French Food Festival

A Chicago French Food Festival and the first annual à la carte Chicago is a celebration of contemporary French food, wine and art of living, designed to excite and inspire food lovers of all ages. For a whole week, guests will experience new and classic foods, pastries, and beverages all while discovering the many flavors of… Read more »

One Family Went Organic For Just Two Weeks

Cooking with the right ingredients is as much important to me as cooking techniques and recipes. OhlàlàFood is a strong supporter in eating as organic as possible to keep your life balanced and healthy. Here an article worth sharing.  The findings in this experiment go beyond my own fear, I’ll admit! What would happen if… Read more »

Which Country Eats Most Cheese?

Cheese is displayed for sale at a Whole Foods store in Dublin, Ohio, U.S., on Friday, Nov. 7, 2014. BLOOMBERG NEWS Great Article from Wall Street Journal, worth to repost on OhlàlàFood! Cheese: Which Country Eats the Most? – WSJ – WSJ. By LAURENCE WITHERINGTON And HENRY WILLIAMS Nov. 14, 2014 6:46 a.m. ET France. The answer is,… Read more »

Cinnamon Oatmeal Brûlée, by Chef Peter Rios

When Chef Peter Rios, from Alliance Bakery and Alliance Pâtisserie is at home, he loves making this simple quick recipe. This is great in the Fall and all year long if you are a true oatmeal and cinnamon fan. There are three kinds of Cinnamon used in recipe below: Ceylon, Saigon and Cassia bark  … Read more »

Sofitel sous-chef: Stéphane Postoyan

  At the Sofitel Chicago Hotel, Stéphane Postoyan has been a sous-chef for about four years. Under his supervision, about 35 other junior sous-chef, comis and kitchen staff, are preparing the banquets and other delicacies for this luxury hotel.  Stéphane is on the clock from the breakfasts at the “Café des Architectes” through lunch, while overseeing… Read more »

Arugula salad and grilled sandwich Recipe

This recipe was offered by Stéphane Postoyan, sous-chef at Sofitel Chicago Hotel. A Chef has tastings all day long and this is the perfect way to have a nutritious yet balanced meal. OhlàlàFood Tip: Make it Gluten free using gluten free flat bread! Time to make about 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 400 F.   Ingredients… Read more »

French cheesecake recipe, le Fiadone

I’ll never forget the first time I ever got an American cheesecake. I was in Providence, Rhode Island at Brown University Campus. Back then, food choices were average on my student budget. I then stumbled on a store offering some free cheesecakes. Being an inexperienced European, I thought the store was actually talking about some… Read more »

Lady Somm Style: Shebnem Ince

Lady Somm Style: Shebnem Ince REPOST Chi-town in the hizzy! Everyone, say hello to Chicago’s Shebnem Ince, Wine Director of Henri and The Gage, and one of Food & Wine’s Top Sommeliers of 2011. We have yet to meet, but I know that if ever we do,  she will most definitely make me laugh my ass off, paint my… Read more »

Chef titles explained

Are you getting confused by Chef kitchen titles?  If so, this article is for you. Most professional kitchens are very hierarchical. The structure will change depending on the size of the restaurant, its style and the number of people it serves. Here is an explanation of some of the main titles: Head Chef (aka Chef… Read more »

Recette Crème au Chocolat

En hiver comme en été, comment ne pas résister aux délicieux choix de crèmes au chocolat proposées en France dans les rayons des supermarchés. Après 2 semaines passées récemment en France et 3 pots de crème au chocolat par jour et par personne, il a bien fallu trouver une solution une fois sur le sol… Read more »

French Chocolate Pudding Recipe

This recipe is a staple in my family, for the little ones and the grown-ups. And who does not love chocolate? Back in France there are many readymade delicious chocolate creams, mousses, and puddings to choose from. Unfortunately North American lacks in tasty choices at the supermarket. I’m actually not sure why. No worries though,… Read more »

Holiday Recipe: Eggnog

What is more American than Eggnog during the Holiday Season? You can have it so many ways, more nutmeg, less nutmeg, and boozy or not. Well the day I’m posting this recipe just turns out to be Repeal Day, which means I’ll share my boozy version. Prohibition ended 80 years ago on December 5th. As… Read more »

MacMoiselle: the Macaron Lady

Yes Macarons are trendy and literally everywhere even in supermarkets, and even in the frozen section of your local Trader Joe’s. But they are not all equal. Some are too sweet, too hard, too thick or too rough on the surface. Does this mean you need to fly to Paris Ladurée every time you crave… Read more »

Party Food: the Parmesan and Thyme Cracker

The Holiday season is the perfect occasion to share with you my favorite party food. Sharing is caring, right! OK, this is the corniest saying (I’m laughing just typing this) but hey this is what the Holiday is about, you do share because you do care. The first in this series is a Parmesan Cracker…. Read more »

Michelin Guide Chicago 2014

Hello Michelin Guide 2014 Edition, No big surprise with Alinea 3 stars…  but alas the only one of its kind.    There are now a total of 25 starred restaurants in Chicago. Yeah! I have not made it to all of them yet. I sure hope to do so. For more affordable places yet  with… Read more »