MacMoiselle: the Macaron Lady

Yes Macarons are trendy and literally everywhere even in supermarkets, and even in the frozen section of your local Trader Joe’s. But they are not all equal. Some are too sweet, too hard, too thick or too rough on the surface. Does this mean you need to fly to Paris Ladurée every time you crave a perfect macaron? No worries, there are some perfectly nice alternatives.

I came across MacMoiselle on Facebook. Her real name will stay in the shadow of her sweet creations. Being so curious I just had to meet her and see what the fuss was about. Indeed she catered for Hidden Star Cuisine a while back so she must be good.

MacMoiselle is a passionate girl originally from Taiwan, working now in the United States in the financial sector. When traveling for the first time in France, she fell in love with Paris and the Ladurée macarons. While living in Chicago she learned the basic of cooking macaron with a local renowned chef in 2011 and started to bake macarons for herself for pure pleasure. Two years later she caters macarons for baby showers and friends and family’s weddings. Her inspirations stem from Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. Who said financiers were tasteless?

OhlàlàFood Moment: her macarons are not just good but they look smooth which is not always a given. When I first tasted them I got transported back to my first time in Paris Ladurée. Besides, MacMoiselle offers some playful shapes, great for baby or bridal showers. While she cooks basic flavors like Chocolate or Rose, she experiments as well with jasmine, macha tea or lotus seeds. Combinations are endless in the macaron world.

MacMoiselle insists she only wants to do it for fun. Well I had a lot of fun myself eating them J and I sure hope she’ll continue and thrive.

It is OhlàlàFood Tasted and Approved! I invite you to contact her at to get on the macaron ride!

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