French Supermarket Online

Amora, Tagada, Vichy, Teisseire,La Mère Poulard. If these names sound familiar to you, you either have lived in France or you grew up there.  Finally, you can find these brands and many more through online supermarkets here in North America. I have selected the ones I found the most interesting per their selection and ease of use.

Whether you know these brands above or not, these websites are very convenient if you are looking for specific items like Foie Gras, Duck  Fat, Aoili, Andouillette Sausage, Boudin Noir, etc… While some meat products are actually made in the USA due to  import restrictions, they are very decent equivalent. Besides, instead of running around your town or  checking several different websites, everything is right on the same page!  Aren’t we just way too busy to run around?

Some are charging a $9 flat fee for ground shipping which is frankly very good. Or after a certain amount of grocery shopping, it ships for free. I find most pricing reasonable.  After all, if you want to load up on the same groceries from France and put them in your suitcase, time, fatigue and the extra luggage fee (which is about $100 bucks nowadays for transatlantic flight) makes the online purchase all worth it!

If you check them regularly, you can find some items on sale with a shorter shelf life. This could be an economical way to taste a little bit of France.

Some other websites combine groceries and decorative french items. I personally don’t think of them as useful. Having said this, a nice Kitchen towel from Provence or an Eiffel Tower bottle opener could be cool gift idea without having to pay for a premium flight to France. Check them out

 May your online shopping be very Oh Là Là! et Bon Appétit!