Pumpkin Profiteroles Recipe, Thanksgiving style

Like many families right now, I’m going through my Thanksgiving recipes, going on food blogs and checking on the FoodNetwork website for extra ideas. This year, we are hosting a dozen friends who are far from their families for Thanksgiving. It will be quite the international crowd. Some friends are bringing Vietnamese egg rolls and French feuilletés  appetizers. Really cannot wait to taste it all.

But Thanksgiving is just like Christmas or Hanukkah or Easter or any other milestone celebration; it is about Tradition. Pumpkin is the most prominent ingredient at the Thanksgiving dinner. Obviously we need to have some, but we can still tweak it to get an international flair to it.

I propose to make some Pumpkin Profiteroles:

  •   2 to 3 choux per person
  • Pumpkin ice cream (in season, you find it in all major supermarket)
  • Light Maple Syrup
  • Pine nuts or Pecans

Follow the instructions for my Puffed Pastry (choux) recipe, and make about 2 to 3 choux per person, without adding any powdered sugar.

Once there are done. You really just need to assemble the rest. While you gently warm up some light maple syrup in a saucepan, cut in half the choux.

Scoop some pumpkin ice cream and insert in the choux. Place on the plate. Right before serving, just add some warm maple syrup and decorate with Pine nuts or Pecans.

Et Voilà! Very Oh Là Là and very easy!


Happy Thanksgiving You All!







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