Sausage Festival Chicago

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Not just another Meat Festival, How Local is Back!

If the rain does not scare you away, comfort yourself with a local handcrafted sausage and a beer at the The Wurst Festival . It is on til’ tomorrow Friday at the Daley Plaza.

While driving yesterday, I heard an interview on NPR of Mark Wilhelm, curator of the festival and founder of the Red Meat Market. Right there I got hooked. The guy talked about local  and handcrafted meat produce and how this is finally taking a turn in the country.  Many young artisans want to handcraft produce with a new consciouness of the environment and fair animal treatment. They run away from antibiotic usage and other mass produced farming.

I just love this guy.  Finally someone stating how cattle should not even eat corn! Did you know that cows cannot digest it without the use of antibiotics!  Corn that is very often genetically modified.  Yes indeed,  cattle can only eat grass or hay!

I invite you to listen to the interview on Soundcloud 

And go the Festival inbtween two downpours 🙂

Enjoy and happy OhlalaFood!

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