Adieu Fox and Obel

I wish I was writing a praise and not an eulogy about Fox and Obel. I heard Fox and Obel is closing down and I am so sad, though I will admit the last years of operation were disappointing.

But let’s remember the good times. When I first landed in Chicago in September 2001, I felt I landed in a no food’s land. No fresh market, no butcher, no fisheries, no charcuterie, no bakery, no patisserie. What on earth were people eating except deep dish pizza and chicken wings?

Fox and Obel saved me, or rather my gourmand and gourmet husband to be. After 3 weeks in Chicago this young man I hardly knew brought me a delicious nutty flavor baguette from the high scale Fox and Obel.  What a treat! He won my heart and the store became my favorite place to go for coffee and to shop for all the European delicatessen.
It was pricey for two young students but when harsh winter was coming down and staying home made most sense, we treated ourselves with delicious beef , cheeses, wines and of course all the vienoiseries you can think of.

It is a shame that the last owners did not keep it up as Mister Obel sure tried hard to raise the food bar in Chicago. So thank you Mister Ken Obel and Ari Fox  to be the Midwest pioneers in a higher standard of food and to some extent made my marriage possible 🙂 It’s been 12 years exactly of Love and good Food!

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