Ohlàlà Interviews

Sofitel sous-chef: Stéphane Postoyan

  At the Sofitel Chicago Hotel, Stéphane Postoyan has been a sous-chef for about four years. Under his supervision, about 35 other junior sous-chef, comis and kitchen staff, are preparing the banquets and other delicacies for this luxury hotel.  Stéphane is on the clock from the breakfasts at the “Café des Architectes” through lunch, while overseeing… Read more »

Lady Somm Style: Shebnem Ince

Lady Somm Style: Shebnem Ince REPOST Chi-town in the hizzy! Everyone, say hello to Chicago’s Shebnem Ince, Wine Director of Henri and The Gage, and one of Food & Wine’s Top Sommeliers of 2011. We have yet to meet, but I know that if ever we do,  she will most definitely make me laugh my ass off, paint my… Read more »

MacMoiselle: the Macaron Lady

Yes Macarons are trendy and literally everywhere even in supermarkets, and even in the frozen section of your local Trader Joe’s. But they are not all equal. Some are too sweet, too hard, too thick or too rough on the surface. Does this mean you need to fly to Paris Ladurée every time you crave… Read more »