Eat Gourmet by the Indiana Dunes

With a bright and sunny weekend in the Chicagoland, OhlalaFood decided to explore The Indiana Dunes with the family.  After a nice walk on the beach with a great view of the Chicago shore line, faint but still magical, we all started to be hungry. I may sound snobby but I frankly had low expectations to find some gourmet food around the Dunes.

So it was a great surprise when we randomly selected a truckstop on highway 12 as our pitstop and actually loved everything we ate. Bartlett’s has nothing out of the ordinary from the outside. Inside, the menu has the usual suspects of typical american fares, crab cakes, chorizo nachos, fritters, pulled pork sandwich,  caesar salad, chili, oysters rockefeller and others european style items such as, calamari, niçoise salad, spaghetti carbonara, steamed mussels, gnocchi and more.

We decided to give  a try to the Oysters Rockefeller and this was Fantastic!! Fresh spinach, creamy but not heavy, nice sized oysters!  It was Delish!  We tried the fish and chips and a special of the day spaghetti  primavera. Though the pasta were a tad too oily, they were aldente and the veggies were all super good.

The owners are chefs Nicole Bissonette’s and Gary Sanders, who actually have more restaurants in the area ( yet to try). Nicole trained in France and this does not come as a surprise to me.

This is an OhlalaFood Approved Restaurant!


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Ok Dear OhlalaFood Followers, I do hear you!! Lots of people are asking me for my recipes so Please Be Patient with me Folks, I’m working on it. Hard to pick which one will be first. LOL With any luck, i’ll post some cooking videos too. Thanks for your support. and continue being OHLALA FOOD!!!

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