Adieu Fox and Obel

I wish I was writing a praise and not an eulogy about Fox and Obel. I heard Fox and Obel is closing down and I am so sad, though I will admit the last years of operation were disappointing.

But let’s remember the good times. When I first landed in Chicago in September 2001, I felt I landed in a no food’s land. No fresh market, no butcher, no fisheries, no charcuterie, no bakery, no patisserie. What on earth were people eating except deep dish pizza and chicken wings?

Fox and Obel saved me, or rather my gourmand and gourmet husband to be. After 3 weeks in Chicago this young man I hardly knew brought me a delicious nutty flavor baguette from the high scale Fox and Obel.  What a treat! He won my heart and the store became my favorite place to go for coffee and to shop for all the European delicatessen.
It was pricey for two young students but when harsh winter was coming down and staying home made most sense, we treated ourselves with delicious beef , cheeses, wines and of course all the vienoiseries you can think of.

It is a shame that the last owners did not keep it up as Mister Obel sure tried hard to raise the food bar in Chicago. So thank you Mister Ken Obel and Ari Fox  to be the Midwest pioneers in a higher standard of food and to some extent made my marriage possible 🙂 It’s been 12 years exactly of Love and good Food!

Sausage Festival Chicago

Not just another Meat Festival, How Local is Back! If the rain does not scare you away, comfort yourself with a local handcrafted sausage and a beer at the The Wurst Festival . It is on til’ tomorrow Friday at the Daley Plaza. While driving yesterday, I heard an interview on NPR of Mark Wilhelm, curator of the festival… Read more »

Restaurant Gourmet Indiana Dunes

Chicago c’est bien, mais parfois on a bien envie d’une petite échappée moins urbaine.  Indiana Dunes qui se situe à une quarantaine de minute du centre-ville est parfait pour se changer les idées.  Donc c’est décidé, j’emmène la petite famille aux Dunes! Le temps d’organiser les chiens, la grand-mère,  le mari et la pitchounette*, il… Read more »

Eat Gourmet by the Indiana Dunes

With a bright and sunny weekend in the Chicagoland, OhlalaFood decided to explore The Indiana Dunes with the family.  After a nice walk on the beach with a great view of the Chicago shore line, faint but still magical, we all started to be hungry. I may sound snobby but I frankly had low expectations to… Read more »

Trouver du pain français à Chicago?

Chicago est en constante effervescence.  Pendant très longtemps, Chicago a eu un complexe d’infériorité par rapport à New York, particulièrement pour les restaurants.  Désormais, la ville est au même niveau accueillant même ainsi un des meilleurs restaurants au Monde. Oui,  j’ai bien dit au Monde : le fameux Alinéa! Mais revenons  à des choses plus basiques.  Que… Read more »

Gene’s Sausage: une épicerie européenne à Lincon Square

Gene’s Sausage : une épicerie européenne à Lincon Square | French in Chicago, la communauté des francophones à Chicago. Pour cette édition spéciale Lincoln Square, FrenchCook vous emmène chez Gene’s  Sausage. Ne serait-ce que pour l’histoire du magasin, un petit tour vaut la peine. C’est comme au cinéma, une famille d’émigrants polonais s’installe à Chicago… Read more »

Pumpkin Profiteroles Recipe, Thanksgiving style

Like many families right now, I’m going through my Thanksgiving recipes, going on food blogs and checking on the FoodNetwork website for extra ideas. This year, we are hosting a dozen friends who are far from their families for Thanksgiving. It will be quite the international crowd. Some friends are bringing Vietnamese egg rolls and French… Read more »

Salade Niçoise or is it?

Since I am from the French Riviera, my beloved Côte D’Azur, it makes sense that the first recipe I blog about is the Salada Nissarda Just a word of caution though, what you are about to read, cook and eat, has pretty much nothing to do with any Salade Niçoise you’ve had in any restaurant… Read more »

My recipes

Ok Dear OhlalaFood Followers, I do hear you!! Lots of people are asking me for my recipes so Please Be Patient with me Folks, I’m working on it. Hard to pick which one will be first. LOL With any luck, i’ll post some cooking videos too. Thanks for your support. and continue being OHLALA FOOD!!!

Food and Sex: Cum Try This Sweet Condom…

Cum Try This Sweet Condom… By David J Constable: Cum Try This Sweet Condom…. A flimsy pink sheath is laying across sand. It’s dishevelled, presumably used for its creation, as inside at the tip-end, is the white gooey unguent. I am not walking across a beach but there is sand, and the above description is indeed… Read more »

The Porthole by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail — Kickstarter

A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable. Launched: Aug 7, 2012 Funding ends: Sep 4, 2012 Remind Me The Porthole is a simple, beautiful infusion vessel designed by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail design studio. The Porthole can be used to create striking cocktails, oils, teas, dressings,… Read more »

In Rooftop Farming, New York City Emerges as a Leader

To Find Fields to Farm in New York City, Just Look Up Ángel Franco/The New York Times Ben Flanner of the Brooklyn Grange tending to a rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where crops include pattypan squash and beefsteak tomatoes. By LISA W. FODERARO Back in the 1960s, Lisa Douglas, the Manhattan socialite played by… Read more »

Vivre un an sans huile de palme.

Vivre un an sans huile de palme, le bilan C’était le 3 juillet 2011. Adrien Gontier avait décidé de dire adieu aux plats préparés ou surgelés, biscuits variés, pâtes à tartiner et autres sauces toutes préparées. Une chasse de tous les instants à l’huile de palme, dont la production, considérée comme une calamité environnementale, est responsable d’une déforestation galopante… Read more »